Access and offer data quickly and securely with IOXIO Dataspace™

No more tedious, cost-ineffective integrations, just one easy service for all your business’s data needs

We offer a completely new way to integrate data and applications on the Internet. Our Dataspace service connects companies, communities, and individuals as never before.

The information that is needed already exists, we just provide fast, secure, and easy access to it on the Internet.


IOXIO® provides services for your data and dataspace needs and questions

IOXIO® enables you to create a dataspace around any business and customer case. Using semantic data products you can easily let data providers offer data from their existing systems and developers build real services for your customers with it. Securely, with no complex integrations, directly from the existing APIs online and with the users consent.

IOXIO® Solutions

IOXIO Dataspace™ makes sharing data easy and safe with data products

Keep the data where it is today. Make any API interoperable and harmonize the use of data in applications. Offer and use data with just one integration. Keep the control of the data sharing with data providers and end-users and share the data only with your desired parties.

IOXIO Dataspace™ is built on open Internet standards and open data economy architecture. The SaaS license gives you the tools to setup and run your own Dataspace and get rid of tedious integrations for good.

IOXIO Dataspace™ has components to help you productize your data

A place for building applications and sharing standardized data

Avoid common API integration pitfalls with the help of our technology

With one integration you get multiple sources for the same data at your fingertips. Once Integrated, taking more data into use is quick and efficient.

For data sources, we empower future markets for productized data sharing. By adding your data source you can be a part of the first wave of standardized data and influence the future of the standards.

Each Dataspace chooses which data standards are used together with the ecosystem. These standards are available as easy-to-use public OpenAPI 3.0 specifications.

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Data lives even in the clouds

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