Integrating your content into a Dataspace is our top priority, and we're constantly working to make it as easy as possible. Our technology is highly flexible, so you can use any code language you prefer. We offer guides and examples that cater to a wide range of audiences to ensure a straightforward adaptation process.

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Developer info

What is a Dataspace made of?

We believe in the power of secure, standardized data sharing.

Our platform is built with these capabilities in mind, utilizing open protocols and established system providers to ensure an easy-to-adapt ecosystem. We use OpenID Connect for secure and streamlined authentication.

We understand that each developer has their own preferences and strengths. That's why we don't limit your choice of language. You can develop your applications using any language you prefer, making integration seamless and straightforward.

Whether you're a fan of Python, Java, or another language, you can take advantage of our robust capabilities without sacrificing flexibility.


Example productizer

Data productization in short means adapting current data sources into a standardized format, so it can be shared via a dataspace.

We have created an example productizer, which you can use as bases for productizing your own data.
You can check the source from github, and to help you create your own productizer, you can go and check out our guide on how to build a data source.

See the SourceCheck the Guide

Example application

A Dataspace allows you to register applications to use the data available from it. By creating an application on top of a Dataspace, we provide you with the ability to use our Data products, Authentication and consenting capabilities in your application.

We have created an example application for you to check out, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to create your own application using a Dataspace to get content.

Try our Sandbox

We offer a sandbox for you to try out a Dataspace, The Sandbox is a self-contained, virtual testing environment that mimics a live Dataspace production environment.

Feel free to go and play around in our Sandbox environment to see how to add data, groups, and more, as well as to check out our data definition viewer and documentation!

IOXIO Sandbox