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Speeding up the green transition and sustainability with industrial battery data on IOXIO Dataspace

Getting the data into the digital battery passports

The batteries of the modern mobile work machines are smart and contain a lot of data that is still often stuck in silos. By creating possibilities to share data effortlessly and safely with trusted partners, a lot of new added value can be created for the ecosystems utilizing that data. Trusted data sharing paves the way for sustainable growth and helps companies to meet the various data access and product passport regulations coming from the European Commission in the upcoming years.

The SIX Mobile Work Machines cluster together with VTT, Sitra and IOXIO carried out an experimentation regarding electrified machine lifecycle operations which provided a concrete process for productizing the battery and mobile work machine data, standardizing and sharing it with the right trusted partners. The experimentation proved that this kind of trusted data sharing between different stakeholders can lengthen the life cycle of the batteries and the machines using those batteries. 

The experimentation was carried out on top of the Virtual Finland testbed running on the IOXIO Dataspace SaaS. 

Read more from the public materials below, on what we did in the pilot and what the SIX cluster’s companies thought of that.

Press releaseCase study

Transforming immigration and governmental data sharing with foreign ministry of Finland

Streamline access to Finland for goreigners with consent-based MyData profile and productized data sharing between authorities

Looking to make your move to Finland as seamless and stress-free as possible? Look no further than Virtual Finland! Finland is taking the first steps in revolutionizing the way foreigners integrate into Finnish society, offering streamlined access to a wide range of public and private services to the happiest nation in the world.

No longer will you have to deal with the hassle of time-consuming manual processes and data entry - Virtual Finland provides a transparent and efficient path to everything you need to work, study, or do business in Finland. The Finnish Foreign Ministry, is developing and building the infrastructure necessary to make your transition to Finland as smooth as possible with the help of cross-border dataspaces and consented data sharing between the foreigners and the service providers.

Meeting the needs of the aging population and future competitiveness of Finland, Virtual Finland is exploring new ways to make the life of foreign talent easier first. From matching you with job opportunities that align with your background to helping you establish your own company in Finland from abroad, we're always on the cutting edge of innovation. Plus, our use of trusted and controlled data sharing ensures your privacy and security are always protected.

Ready to experience the future of integration in Finland? Try out Virtual Finland's cross-border dataspace environment today, built on top of the IOXIO Dataspace™ SaaS technology. We can't wait to help you make Finland your new home!

Virtual Finland projectCross-border dataspace testbed

Dataspace experiments paving the way for thriving a nordic digital single market

Real-time economy in practice to increase competitiveness of the companies with the Scandinavian authorities

Looking to boost your business's financial efficiency and competitiveness? Look no further than the Nordic Smart Government and Business (NSG&B) project, an initiative spearheaded by the Nordic authorities. The goal among the Nordic governments is to enhance the automation and sharing of financial data between businesses and government authorities, creating a real-time digital economy throughout the Nordic countries.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular stand to benefit greatly from the digitalization of financial administration, with reduced administrative burdens and increased competitiveness. IOXIO® has a long history in driving the Real Time Economy and digitalisation of taxation, banking, accounting and post-trade into practice with secure and semantic data sharing in the past ten years. As part of the Virtual Finland project, IOXIO® has been happy to support the NSG&B community in their experimentation with digital company establishment and trusted data sharing between businesses and government officials using the architectures, standards and Dataspace capabilities we have been developing for the digital economy.

Stay tuned for the upcoming publication of our first experimentation results. The NSG&B cases will continue to develop and improve throughout the year. Join us today and take advantage of the innovative Virtual Finland testbed to get your company data moving cross the borders.

Towards sustainable and digital global trade: Paperless trade Finance with SEB and Wärtsilä

From billions of paper documents into productized data

In today's world, global trade is still relying heavily on old-fashioned paper-based and manual processes, resulting in significant resource wastage. The practice of copying and uploading PDF copies of papers into isolated systems is outdated and inefficient. To enhance automation and enter into new data-driven business models, industry giant Wärtsilä and the renowned Nordic bank SEB conducted an experiment in trusted digital data exchange, without compromising on their confidential data.

The experiment resulted in groundbreaking progress towards paperless trade finance, proving that open standards and a dataspace within the emerging data economy can solve significant global challenges and revolutionize the way traditional industries operate. The trial employed IOXIO's cutting-edge methods and tools for development, and the experimentation was conducted on the IOXIO Dataspace™ platform.

With the success of the prototype, business transparency and automation in traditional industries are set to improve, opening doors to new and efficient ways of conducting trade. Be a part of this revolution by partnering with us to streamline your business processes and join the data-driven future of global trade. Read more what the companies had to say.

Seamlessly connect physical and virtual services for smarter living

Share data safely and connect the citizens with public and private services. City in your Pocket concept with city of Jyväskylä and cybersecurity company Nixu.

Looking to become an international hub for businesses and people alike, the City of Jyväskylä has identified digital tools as a key component of its strategy. While existing digital and IoT services fail to deliver the necessary value for businesses and individuals to effectively operate with their data, the City has taken matters into its own hands, embarking on an exciting new pilot project.

By combining the IOXIO Dataspace™ and Nixu's identity and access management solution, the City of Jyväskylä has successfully implemented its first smart city use cases. With a unified access system that grants tenants access to both digital services and physical environments like parking halls, the City is poised to take the next step in the city's digital story towards a smart citizen's digital identity and data sharing.

As we look ahead to the future, the City of Jyväskylä is next moving into the commercialization phase and welcoming new partners.

Open data economy architecture and stadards with Sitra - first national testbed

We built the first open dataspace for testing and conducted first data sharing cases with the government and businesses

The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra has played a crucial role in advancing the models and frameworks for fair and sovereign data sharing on the internet, as well as supporting the emergence of dataspaces across Europe. IOXIO® is proud to have been a leading partner in delivering the first open data sharing standards framework in practice and implementing Sitra's open Blueprint architecture through the IHAN testbed. As a part of Sitra's data economy community, we helped to deliver the first testbed architecture, productized data sharing standards and practical experimentations with the authorities and businesses based on IHAN principals.

Now, we continue the work with Sitra and the Virtual Finland project as we're continuing to drive forward the development of open data economy architecture in Finland with the help of the next generation national dataspace tesbed hosted by Virtual Finland. As a leading contributor to this exciting initiative, IOXIO® is helping to shape the future of data sharing in Europe and beyond. Join us in this exciting journey towards a fairer and more sustainable digital future.


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